Seeking the practical pet for you and your place.

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Here is a place where information on the pros and cons of having a pet bird in your home is explored.

Desirable young birds are available but get the facts before you bring the bird home!


It is hard to find information on "sale items" that are not part of an ad promoting some sort of sales pitch.

Here we will look at a wide variety of exotic birds often kept as pets with the goal of providing a source of unbiased guidance for the conscientious buyer.

For a free E-Booklet discussing criteria and rating kinds of birds and their suitability as pets l>ink here.

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 >Link here to an introduction and overview of  bird categories. Pros & Cons for each group of birds are listed. Included are suggestions of criteria to use in deciding what type of bird will result in a positive experience for you and your pet.

>Birds As Pets: A listing of specific kinds of birds. These are short basic introductions first time bird owners and children may find useful.

>Genetics: The science of heredity: Everyone inherits two sets of chromosomes; one from the mother, the other from the father. The same thing happens in birds. Blue colored mutations in parrots are a recessive mutation just like blue eyes are in us. Two articles are presented. The first is on "Parrot Color Mutations and the other is specific to the wonderfully unique Lady Gouldian Finch.

For more on how all life is interrelated and many examples of "interconnectedness" the consciousness of mankind is working towards, link to >"Oneness Becomes Us All, Serving The Case For World Unity.

AviculturePet choicesGenetics & Breeding
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